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Gas leak check

Gas leaks usually occur due to improperly fitted appliances. It can also occur due to a fault in the gas appliance.


It's suggested that you always get your gas appliances installed by a Gas Safe registered company and have annual safety checks done for continued safe usage.

Why does a gas leakage occur?

Are you worried about a gas leak?

If you are worried about your gas pipes leaking, call MD Gas Services located in Manchester. We are equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in the quick diagnosis and repair of faulty or old equipment. We are available at anytime throughout South Manchester and Cheshire.

Are you worried about damaged gas pipes? Please contact the Worcester Accredited Gold Member MD Gas Services to get your pipes repaired at affordable prices.

Our other services include:

As a Gas Safe registered company, you can be sure of receiving nothing

but the best quality service with safe installation of gas appliances for

your home.

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Apart from repairing or replacing old gas

pipes and checking damaged equipment,

MD Gas Services also offers several other speciality services. They include:

  • Boiler installation and repair

  • Annual safety check-up

  • Installation of gas appliances

  • Capping and uncapping of cylinders

  • Landlord Safety Certificates and more